steam and germany update

QuestionsMany of you have been asking where the steam store page has gone for your country, due to restrictions we cannot sell the game before we have got it rated in certain countries such as Australia, which means the page has been removed until this has been sorted. Although the UK and Japan should get their steam page back very soon as there is nothing stopping us from selling purely digital distributed titles in these country’s.

Also we can give you an update about the game being available in Germany uncensored that it will be uncensored! You should be able to be able pre-order via steam now! For those of you who haven’t noticed we have now got an official steam forum but we will continue to answer all questions on our forum as well.

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the making of night frontier

The Making of Night Frontier in 30 screenshots

We thought we could give you a little behind the scenes of making one the maps, so we took 30 screenshots throughout several weeks in the making of Night Frontier one of the Wild West themed maps. We look forward to seeing your maps in the next few months! update: we added a couple more!
Click the image to enlarge.

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great preview at gameinformer

Hells Reach preview at gameinformerWith just 18 days to the release on the PC the guys over at recently previewed The Haunted hell’s reach and rated it 5 out of 5, so why not head over and see what they had to say.

The Haunted: Hell’s Reach – Left 4 Dead Meets Horde Mode

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pre-order the haunted hells reach four pack

Hells Reach Four Pack Many of you have asked us about getting a four pack, well we have some good news as of yesterday you can now pre-order the The Haunted: Hells Reach four pack on steam! So now you can send the other copies to your friends :)

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15 new singleplayer ingame shots

Singleplayer Ingame Shotss For those of you who don’t follow our facebook and haven’t already seen the 15 new Singleplayer Ingame Shots, we have now updated our media page with them, enjoy!

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available in germany *update*

Just a quick update you should now be able to Pre order it if you live in Germany via steam, If you get any problems, let us know.

Unfortunately we just heard back from THQ that they are members of ESA & ISFE which means they have to rate all games regardless where they are released!
This could mean the game could possibly be censored – but keep in mind God of War 3 and Gears of War 3 both were uncensored in Germany, so maybe we are lucky too :)

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pre order on steam and save 10%

So you may of already noticed that you can now pre order The Haunted Hells Reach at steam and save 10%! There is a few country’s that it’s currently unavailable to as we are waiting for the ages rating to come through such as Germany but we will get it to you some way or other! You can also see the system requirements on our forum and on the steam page.

Got any questions, feel free to ask on our forum or follow the chat link.

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16 new environment screenshots

Environment Screenshots If you havent already seen them on our facebook page we have now added 16 new environment screenshots for your to look at on our media page all in 720p.

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the box, the price, the date

Since the information is floating around on the internet anyway, we just wanted to confirm the suggested price will be $19.99 ( £12.29, €13.91 * ) and hopefully if all goes to plan it will be out on the 25th of October for the PC. The Pre Order link will be added shortly!

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gamespot q & a

So if you haven’t already read it game director Michael Hegemann and creative director Gerhard Weihrauch had a Q&A with gamespot with some exclusive first details, which you can check out here!

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